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"CHANGE YOUR AGE -- Use Your Body and Brain to Feel Younger, Stronger, and More Fit" (OLLI) 11 weeks
BOOMERS: Feeling old(er)? Consider: your movement habits at ages 40-50 will impact how you feel at age 60 and beyond. The good news is we can shed our physically limiting habits and learn new habits that make our bodies and minds agile and more fit. This groundbreaking program, based on The Feldenkrais Method® of Neuromuscular Reeducation, applies the principals of childhood development and neuroplasticity to adult learners. You will learn simple but powerful exercises that will train your brain to send signals to your muscles to move in healthier, stronger, and more coordinated ways. The program is not stressful, and does not involve repetitive routines. It does not place demands on your muscular strength and flexibility. You will shed your physically limiting movement habits and learn new habits that make your bodies and minds more intelligent, agile, youthful, and fit.
Note: This topic will be offered in weekly classes and in a workshop format.

"The Esalen Lessons"
(Durham and Carrboro) through Fall

The Feldenkrais Method® works on the premise that it is the brain that organizes movement. We will provide our brains with explorations designed to improve our posture, our breathing, our walking, our balance, and/or our problem solving. Each week will be a surprise as we make our way through seminal lessons that Dr. Feldenkrais taught at Esalen in 1972, before he had started any of his North American training programs.

Latest Schedule for Move With Elan's Awareness Through Movement® classes
We recommend that prospective students call us at (919) 967-8013 before attending to be sure there is room in the class and to get details about directions or scheduling anomalies.
Carrboro Friday
Balanced Movement Studio,
304 W Weaver St
(919) 942-0240
Karen Dold Esalen Lessons Fee: $96 for 8-punch cards ($15 drop-in). Ongoing Friday classes
Chapel Hill Monday
(on the floor)
Carol Woods Retirement Community,
750 Weaver Dairy Rd
Karen Dold Classes are for Carol Woods residents only (and folks "on the list") Fee: $6 per class Ongoing weekly
(in chairs)
Carol Woods Retirement Community,
750 Weaver Dairy Rd
Karen Dold Classes are for Carol Woods residents only (and folks "on the list") Fee: none Ongoing weekly
Durham Wednesday
OLLI at Duke
(919) 684-2703
at Judea Reform Congregation, 1933 W. Cornwallis Rd
Karen Dold Topic: Change Your Age Fee: Based on OLLI's fee schedule (must be OLLI member) 11 Weeks:
Resume September, 2014
(see OLLI's specific schedule).
Register through OLLI.
Patanjali's Place
700 Foster St. (near downtown Durham)
(919) 475-1355
Move With Elan (Nancy and Karen) Esalen Lessons Fee: $65 for 5-class card ($15 for drop-in). See Patanjali's Place fee page for details. Register onsite at first attendance in class. Ongoing Thursday classes

Contact us:

(919) 967-8013
Karen Dold
Nancy Agnew
1203 Tallyho Trail
Chapel Hill, NC